BGP Communities uses the following communities:

Large Meaning (Informational)
212855:0:1 peering routes
212855:0:2 downstream routes
212855:5:1 Accepted from peer because of valid IRR entry
212855:5:2 Accepted from peer because of valid ROA
212855:5:3 matching valid ROA exists
212855:5:4 Accepted while RPKI invalid because it is added to our whitelist
212855:6:1 received from Netwerkvereniging Coloclue
212855:6:2 received from IPng Networks GmbH
Large Rejection Reasons
212855:7:1 More specifics covering AS212855 space are considered hijacks
212855:7:2 Somewhere in the AS_PATH a Bogon ASN is present (0, 23456, 64496..65534, 4200000000+)
212855:7:3 The prefix is Bogon garbage (rfc1918, rfc4291 etc)
212855:7:4 The prefix is an RPKI Invalid and as such rejected
212855:7:5 The route's prefix length is unacceptable (too small or too large)
212855:7:6 There is no IRR object that covers this route announcement