Peers is connected with the following networks on mutual exchange points:

AS Number Name
AS56393 Frys-IX Route Servers
AS57866 Fusix Networks
AS6939 Hurricane Electric
AS112 AS112 Nameserver
AS212635 AS-212635
AS45009 BytePark
AS210312 DaKnObNET
AS208169 Artikel10 e.V.
AS41441 SPEED-IX Route Servers
AS213035 Serverion
AS16276 OVHcloud
AS203729 igloo22225
AS24940 Hetzner Online
AS13335 Cloudflare
AS25182 NPO (Nederlandse Publieke Omroep)
AS206238 Freedom Internet
AS49917 LSIX IX Route Servers
AS211623 NAML B.V. | OXAR
AS1101 Thunderlab | IP-eend
AS1104 NIKHEF (Nationaal Instituut voor Subatomaire Fysica)
AS197731 Tuxis
AS49268 AMPR Belgium vzw
AS12859 BIT
AS47498 FogIXP Route Servers
AS210890 Kristiaan De Rocker
AS204003 Jan-Eric Ortgies
AS212925 Miguel Landaeta
AS34307 NL-IX Route Servers
AS20562 Open Peering
AS64404 EventInfra
AS49544 - Ubisoft
AS60557 Alpine North Networks
AS211024 Jack O'Sullivan
AS202585 Nick Bouwhuis
AS20495 B.V.
AS58291 ColoCenter
AS207176 OpenFiber NL
AS15562 Job Snijders