Peers is connected with the following networks on mutual exchange points:

AS Number Name
AS56393 Frys-IX Route Servers
AS57866 Fusix Networks
AS6939 Hurricane Electric
AS212635 AS212635
AS45009 BytePark
AS210312 DaKnObNET
AS41441 SPEED-IX Route Servers
AS213035 Serverion
AS16276 OVHcloud
AS203729 igloo22225 - AS203729
AS24940 Hetzner Online
AS13335 Cloudflare
AS25182 NPO (Nederlandse Publieke Omroep)
AS206238 Freedom Internet
AS49917 LSIX IX Route Servers
AS211623 NAML B.V.
AS1101 Not SURF Net
AS1104 Nikhef
AS197731 Tuxis
AS12859 BIT BV
AS47498 FogIXP Route Servers
AS210890 Kristiaan De Rocker
AS204003 Jan-Eric Ortgies
AS212925 Miguel Landaeta
AS34307 NL-ix Route Servers
AS20562 Open Peering
AS64404 EventInfra
AS60557 Alpine North Networks
AS211024 devplayer0
AS202585 Nick Bouwhuis
AS20495 B.V.
AS58291 ColoCenter
AS207176 OpenFiber NL
AS15562 Job Snijders
AS15169 Google LLC
AS38965 HostIn
AS32934 Meta
AS208169 ARTIKEL10
AS49268 AMPR Belgium
AS112 DNS-OARC-112
AS206271 Fatih Unlu - AS206271
AS200132 NetOne NL